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DP0618 demulsifier

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DP0618 demulsifier: Company during the "Eighth Five Year" independent research and development of a new type of high efficient demulsifier, mainly for penicillin and erythromycin in the production process of demulsification, belongs to the high technology products. DP0618 breaking emulsion in 1995 won the Chengdu Municipal People's Government on scientific and technological progress second prize and Chengdu Qingyang District People's government science and technology progress prize and won the national Spark certificate. Defoaming agent is mainly used for penicillin, erythromycin and monosodium glutamate in the production process of defoaming, belonging to high-tech products. Demulsifiers and antifoaming agents are mainly sold to large enterprises of antibiotics.
This product is water soluble demulsifier, composed of nonionic and ionic surfactant compounded. And can be deployed according to the fermentation and extraction machine type factories, so as to achieve the best results. At present the company has successfully developed the ester soluble demulsifier, can completely replace the imported ester soluble demulsifier.
3.1 scope of application: applicable to penicillin fermentation broth filtrate, extraction; also can be used for extraction of erythromycin.
3.2 types of products and technical indicators:
The use of 1 methods:
Before use this product in storage tanks according to the following methods are formulated according to the output of the capacity depends on the size of.
1.1 preparation method:
A, in the tank into the specified amount of water;
B, under stirring in the prescribed amount of demulsifier with tank and the demulsifier completely dissolved to obtain the needed a prescribed concentration of demulsifying agent water solution.
C, prepared Ruoyu insoluble can will be around in a tank of water heated to 80 DEG C, add the specified amount of demulsifying agent for the preparation of, will not affect the broken emulsion quality, and shorten the preparation time.
1.2 recommended concentration:
A, penicillin fermentation broth extract, preparation of recommended demulsifier concentration is 4%;
B, penicillin filtrate extract, preparation of recommended demulsifier concentration is 2%.
A, demulsifier dosage according to the quality of fermentation filtrate or to adjust, in order to achieve the best results;
B, when in use, such as pipeline mixed with other demulsifier may temporarily affect the quality, after a period of time in the pipeline without other demulsifier after adjusting flow to achieve the best effect, the smallest amount;
C, this product does not belong to hazardous chemicals;
D, this product is not toxic, if inadvertently splashed with skin and eyes can rinse with water, not what harm.

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